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Laura Klappenbach

Technical Writing · Medical Writing · Science Writing


Technical writer with experience in planning, creating, and delivering high-quality, user-focused content. Produces clear, well-structured information products that enable users to achieve specific goals and answer challenging questions.

Uses the latest authoring tools to create minimalist, task-based content that can be leveraged across multiple products and published in various output formats. Collaborates with team members to develop a deep understanding of customer objectives and product solutions.

Works quickly and efficiently in an agile development environment to produce concise, task-oriented documentation. Continuously adapts writing approach and balances priorities to meet tight deadlines and respond to rapidly evolving project objectives.

Skills & Tools

Content Design · Content Strategy · Content Taxonomy · Information Architecture
Dita · Oxygen · Arbortext · Git · GitHub · Agile · Scrum · Kanban · Bitbucket · Sourcetree · Jira


Rocket Software - Principal Technical Writer

Develops technical documents in an enterprise Agile environment to support every stage of the product lifecycle for several of Rocket's software applications that include IBM Db2 for z/OS tools, IBM Db2 performance monitoring tools, network management tools, and z/OS system tools.

Delivers documentation that integrates with the processes, tools, and products that are created by Rocket Software and their OEM partners. Designs and implements efficient Git work flow practices for numerous product documentation sets. Plans how documentation is organized in local and remote repositories, configures submodules for sharing content, and creates branching and merging (pull requests) best practices.

Designs and uses work flows for single and multiple writer scenarios. Establishes branching approaches based on various factors such as versions, releases, sprints, enhancements, stories, or Jira tickets.



Produces open-source ebooks on a volunteer basis for Standard Ebooks:


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